GHIDRAH - invincible deluxe 25th anniversary reissue **12" LP


"Originally recorded by the band themselves in a stanky damp old house in Hamilton, New Zealand back in 1996, Invincible Deluxe was the first release by Hamtown punk rockers, Ghidoragh (originally known as Ghidrah but changed after Toho Film’s legion of lawyers dressed in Godzilla suits descended upon and attacked their home and recording space in 98’, burning it to the ground).
A catastrophic assault on the earballs, this Aotearoan punk classic is being re-released by Metric System Records and distributed by Razored Raw for its 25th anniversary and has been remastered (by Will Killingsworth) and shined up all presentable like on vinyl - a recording medium that’s sure to catch on once the cool kids find out about it."