LANDLORDS - codeine **LP LP

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We are distroing this in NZ for the band.
Shipping early September. As with all multi-variant releases, we will be doing "Landlords Roulette", ie. you get what you're given.

From Church Road Records:
Landlords are a four-piece alterna3ve / slow rock band from Hamilton, New Zealand.
Born in 2017 from various members of local hardcore/metal/punk bands, a trio of shoegaze/ slow rock fans got together, & soon came a small collec3on of demo-ready shoegaze inspired songs. The band soon started popping up in venues around New Zealand, filling rooms with their driving, reverb-laden tunes. Their original bassist relocated to Melbourne for a year, but was soon back in New Zealand due to covid, re-joining the band on guitar making Landlords a 4-piece.

They released their debut self-3tled EP in 2020 - six songs of their hallmark heavy distor3on, vocal melodies blended under waves of ethereal guitars, driven by the relentless percussion and bass lines that underpin the moody lows and frenzied highs. A mini tour followed the release, allowing the band to share their dynamic sound further afield.

Codeine is Landlords’ second and most commanding release, a crescendo of all their musical energy and songwri3ng maturity, cemen3ng them as one of the most promising post-punk acts to come out of New Zealand in recent years.